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Hi, I am Becky Bilyeu

I am a Portland native (she/her) and a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community and I have a BA in Human Services from U of O  and have over 25 years’ experience working in the Social Services field, 12 of which have been working directly with the aging Senior community in long term care as a Social Services Director. Over 3 of those years I worked in a long-term care facility for residents with severe and challenging behaviors, memory issues and with many whom had Guardians appointed for them.

I feel with my experience and background I bring a unique perspective and the experience needed when it comes to working with the aging community and those with challenging behaviors that might be hard to approach but still need to sign something to be notarized.


I am just starting my business as a Notary Public but soon hope to become a loan signer as well, so I can be available to serve more of the needs in my community, especially those buying new homes and property in this ever-changing real estate market. I enjoy working with people very much and helping people get their needs met, so becoming a notary was a natural choice for me. That is why I  became a mobile notary, so I could conveniently bring my services to you, making my schedule flexible to meet the needs of my clients was a good fit for me. 


With many financial institutions cutting back services, most banks and credit unions won't notarize anything but their own documents. So where does a client go to get legal documents notarized? That's where I come in! Give me a call at Out and About Mobile Notary Services. I can come to your location, and we can take care of getting your forms notarized in no time in the comfort of your home or office.  I also have extended hours for those that can't be available during traditional office hours (although these hours are subject to availability). I am confident in my ability to notarize anything you require and look forward to helping you meet your needs.


Thank you very much for reaching out! If you are happy with my services I appreciate your feedback and comments on the "My Clients" page  and word of mouth referrals to family, friends and co- workers, to continue to help grow my business!

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