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Its a New Year...Deal with the elephant in the room and finally get your Affairs in Order....

We always say we are going to do it...Deal with the elephant in the room... We say we are going to get around to it, but we keep putting it off! Let this be the year, no matter what your age or your current health status...that you get your WILL written and notarized and that you get your POA written and Notarized in the event something should happen to you... a car accident, a fire, a case of Covid, who could be anything, you just want the right person in the right place making the right decisions for you, should you not be able to do so for yourself! You can consult an estate planning attorney (I happen to know a very good one I can refer you to) or you can do these forms yourself and then I can assist you with Notarizing them and then you will have the peace of mind that, should something unexpected happen, your affairs are in order and your wishes will be honored! Please call me today or when when you have your forms ready, to set up an appointment and I will come to you at your convenience and we can get everything signed and notarized!...and there will no longer be a big elephant in the room! Definitely a good way to start off 2022. I look forward to hearing how I can help serve you.

Have a Fabulous Day,

Becky Bilyeu

Notary Public

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